Anyone follow this guy Pascal?

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Sep 25, 2008
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Don't know if he's a TF member or not. Sort of neat. Live helm web cam and Google Earth tracking. He's headed south for the winter. Have tracked him from Sandy Hook, NY, so far. Technology, love it or hate it. SandBarHopper.
I corresponded with him a few years ago when he was a regular on T&T he sent me good information on anchorages around the Miami , Biscayne Bay area. Never did see him on TF.
Steve W.
Nice guy but he will give Marin a run for his money bandwidth wise.
Pascal is well known on a few other boating forums I am on. Webcam delivery time in spring and fall is fun for many. :)
Pascal has had his webcam up for a long time now. But for some reason it is being blocked now and showing as a phishing site. Chuck
Yeah, Pascal is a regular on other sites as well. Fantastic knowledge resource for the Atlantic seaboard. I was aboard his own 53 ft. Hatt about a month ago.....very nice boat, but always a project underway, and what a layout. I asked him to Captain my own boat for a local group wanting to Charter for small, intimate weddings. Anyone who can pilot a 70 ft. yacht regularly through the entire length of the ICW without incident (drifting sandbars and unmarked shallows) has my vote as a very qualified Captain.
I know him only from other forums. He seems very knowledgeable and down to earth. Wife and I have considered booking a charter with him on the 70 footer he runs for someone else. I love his webcam and look forward to meeting him someday.
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