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Jul 10, 2017
United States
Well my wife and I are not new to boating but the idea of getting rid of everything and taking off on a trawler is sounding more and more enjoyable everyday. We are just starting the process of selling land, condo, things and looking for a trawler to get us off the land in into the trawler life. We have our sights set on taking a year or more and doing the Great Loop once we get ourselves setup. We will be spending a lot of time reading info here as well as anywhere we can to hopefully get off on the right foot. Looking forward to learning from everyone,

Welcome. Living on a boat is not for everyone so my suggestion to you is to buy that trawler before you sell your residence and spend time on it so you can get used to the lifestyle. Take short trips, then longer and longer trips.

If you're in Jacksonville, FL rather than some other Jacksonville, a trip up the St. Johns River to Sanford, FL is, in my opinion, a great cruise. There are small towns with marinas along the way and dozens of great anchorages.
Thanks for your input, I agree small trips and then build. We have spent about 400 hours on the St Johns in our current boat over the past two years but only day trips at this point due our current boat.

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