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May 23, 2010
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Eliza 1
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Halvorsen 42 Pilothouse
Hi Guys,Just joined, just bought my first boat ... clipper 30 foot ... at the goldcoast ,
I am an absolute newbie in boats and this forum .. so I have to do a lot of reading first.
There is a huge learning curve for me to go through with he boat ... but I hope I will enjoy it. First take ownership of the boat in June ... than a cleanup first I guess, see what needs to be fixed ... see what can be improved .... am looking forward to this forum and the boat.

Welcome aboard.
We are getting a good crew of Aussie members.
I am on the Sunshine Coaqst at Mooloolaba.
Plenty of help available here and also a lot of fun.
We locals are also available for any other help.
Once again welcome
Ditto from me Erik, and as I have the slightly bigger brother to your vessel, (Clipper (CHB) 34), and of about the same vintage, happy to help re tips in restoration, re-furbishing etc any time. I guess she would have the Lehman 80hp in her would she not? I gather you live on Lamb Island? We anchor off there quite often. Will you have her on a mooring nearby?
I think the Aussie contributions to this site are great and growing! Now if we just had a few photos of you guys, we wouldn't have to wonder if you all look like Paul Hogan, (Crocodile Dundee for those of you in Rio Linda)
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I will agree. The Aussies are some good folks!!!!
OK I will start.
As you will see from my profile I am a retired Marine Engineer (now semi due to the GFC).
back working on rig tenders over on the NW Shelf Western Australia. I try and limit myself to 12 weeks a year otherwise it interfears with my boating and leisure time.

I have a 48' 6 " timber motor cruiser that I built in Brisbane 93/95 with one of the great boat builders of the area. Bert Ellis / designer Fred Flemming.

I did all the engineering work, built shafts, water, fuel tanks and installed generator , engine ,gearbox etc. My brother did all the electrics.

Have lived aboard ever since and cruised the east coast of Australia, spearfishing , fishing and just hangin out.
I will attach a couple of photos of ugly dial and beautiful boat and one of SWMBO



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SeaHorse II wrote:

I think the Aussie contributions to this site are great and growing! Now if we just had a few photos of you guys, we wouldn't have to wonder if you all look like Paul Hogan, (Crocodile Dundee for those of you in Rio Linda)
Yuh mean we have to give up our anonomonomonimity Walt.* Damn.* I thought the Paul Hogan look suited me fine.... now for the disappointment......



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Ben: That's one hell of a boat you have and thanks for putting a face on your posts.
Peter: You're quite right! The Paul Hogan look does suite you fine!

Thanks a lot guys....I can now imagine what you actually look like while you are encountering those moments of terror on the high seas.

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Man looks nice where you're at.
I've lived in the great white north all my life.
I have never been south of Cleveland Ohio.
I have never had a suntan other than my face.
Heck I usually don't even quit wearing my thermal long johns till Mid may.
Australia has always intrigued me. Does it ever get cold there.

Any way Welcome aboard. And glad to have you.

You'r going to hate this. over here where Peter B and the rest of us live we are just getting into winter and S...T it's getting cold.
This morning it was a crispy 13 deg and max of about 22 deg C.
Mind you once it gets fully underway the mornings may see the odd 0 or 1 deg to start with a max of about 13. That's when I am usually up north around the Whitsunday Islands where it is still very mild and swimming and diving is good.
So we cruise in the winter and boat around our local area during the summer.
This also fits in with the SE trades that blow during the winter to help push us north, about Oct/Nov the winds kick around to the N to help us come home to the southern climes.
Hopefully this year at that time I may head south to Tasmania for the wooden boat festival in Hobart. This is held every 2 years in Feb.

I have tried that really cold stuff, can't say i really liked it that much, but hey it is beautiful.
Would really like to cruise the west coat of Canada and Alaska one day.

Tidahapah wrote:

Would really like to cruise the west coat of Canada and Alaska one day.

Go cruise the south island of New Zealand.* Kind of the same thing as up here but not as crowded and probably not as rainy and nasty.
Hi Peter,Yep looks like I'm your little 30 foot brother ..... indeed with the 80hp lehman .... has been rebuild 4 years ago .... with gearbox rebld 2 years ago. *It's on a mooring accross Lamb island ... We are travelling australia with our other toy ... a motorhome .... but when it's time to get off the road, we will be hopping on the boat. *Most of the time we spend around the Goldcoast, our children and granddaughter live in Brisbane. Thanks for offering me some help ... when the time is there to do something ... for sure I will give you a hoy.
Thanks again .... will see you somewhere on the waters.

Marin wrote
Go cruise the south island of New Zealand. Kind of the same thing as up here but not as crowded and probably not as rainy and nasty.

Yeah I know but the place is infested with Kiwis, got enough of them over here.

Sorry guys just jokin.
The Boss and I intend to do NZ soon but most probably in a campervan, that way we can self cater ( she is a Coeliac so we have to be careful) and I can indulge in my fly fishing passion.

Good choice Benn, and having done it, I can vouch for the campervan being the way to see the South Island. But if I could wave a magic wand and transport Lotus to NZ, it'd be to....wait for it....Patterson's Inlet, Stewart Island. Believe it or not, that place is a boating paradise. Besides I could then bay-hop back up to the Marlborough Sounds for the Winter.
I did the north island in october last year by motorhome and couldn't believe how crowded it had become since I was last there in 86.

We then went on to the Cook Islands.
Now there is a place that I could live.
Pace of life is just right for me there.

Yeah Love the Cookies.
I was over there last Nov for 2 weeks for Vaka Evia. The annual outrigging carnival.
We had an awesome time.
Took the boss and daughter and they also both loved it.
Rented a small bungalow on the beach on the western side of Raro.

Even took the wand ,8 weight so I could have a cast off the reef fringe on days that I wasn't paddeling.
Not a lot of protection over there if you want to take a boat and also a bloody long way away..
Fantastic people and great holiday destination.


I was at the Cooks in the first week of November 09
Stayed at the Mauri Beachcomber on the lagoon in Raro
Yes the harbour is small and there is a lot of water between the other islands but I would love to take a boat there.

Yeah I was nther from the 18 Nov to 1 st Dec. Might have been stepin in your foot prints.
Long way between islands but as you said would be a great place to cruise and the palagic fishing band spearing is second to none.

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