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Those Scandinavians (Finnish in this case) have a different way of designing boats all right. Quite ergonomic...functional...definitely different.* Check these out from Sweden...

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Some ugly lines and they look like they need to go on a diet. At least they aren't over sized rubber duckies or imitation rubber duckies like Frogs. I did sorta like the Frog. I kinda like the little Nimbus's on the fore deck in one of the pics. though. They do look well built and finnished though. The designers need to go to art school. Thanks for the posts though. They are boats and I really like boats so ther'e not all bad.
True....but when you're over there, there's a great deal of appreciation for those function-over-form features. *My Admiral and I rented some 43 ft. trawlers for cruising the canals, lakes and rivers of the old GDR (East Germany), and they weren't exactly pretty, but they fit under every bridge you came upon, and were perfectly suited to their environment. *Our neighbor in Berlin was the owner of the outfit....a good businessman and fair to heart as well. *But his company owned (get this) 450 BOATS, 23 to 47 ft. diesels, and at times, nearly all under contract somewhere in Europe. *That's a lot of holes in the water, and he was HAPPY!

BTW, I do like the Minor Offshore line, particularly the 34 Fly-Bridge, but OH the bucks! *It might be a good candidate if one wanted to expand the range for weekend cruising.

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