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Nov 15, 2009
I found an 1979 Albin 36 for sale. Price $34k.** Single Lehman 120.** Surprisingly, modern Furuno electronics.** I don't know about the decks or condition of the bilge.** I do know that I saw a mid 80s Albin and really liked the layout.

To any Albin 36 owners, any areas of the boat to scrutinize when I go look at it.** Depending on the price and condition, I may make an offer on this one, survey, seatrial, etc etc.
I lived on my Albin 36 for 3 years and really enjoyed it!* The only problem I had was a leak on the port side in the aft stateroom.* When I sold the boat it was still leaking down the teak slats by the bunk. *I believe it was coming from the teak decks, but I never got to tackle the issue before selling.* I used to cruise the Ford 120 at 2,000 rpm and made 7 knots burning about 2.5 to 3 gph.
Good luck, if you get it, you will love it!
** For $36K if there are no major problems with a survey and a sea trial and you like the layout, how can you go wrong?
I have a 43ft 81 albin.
I would say to look at the following items
extra close.

Fuel tanks
teak decks (plan on removal)
windows (specially in the aft cabin)
sampson post rot below decks
check all thruhulls extra careful probably froze open
see if the lehman has been updated as far as heat exchangers expansion tank ect (look on lehman forums
for more)
waste system (original???)
tiwan gauges probably don't work

how many hours on the lehman?
Consault American diesel corp for any
questions or parts they are the best.

Good luck, I am very happy with
my albin, I wouldn't trade it
for any other compariable brand in size.

Add up repair cost on what it needs and adjust your
offer accordingly.

Again good luck!!
I had a 1979 Albin 33. Teak decks, teak window frames, teak cap rails, teak hand rails, teak steps, teak doors. It took two weeks to oil the teak.

Wooden mast was starting to rot.

Stout little boat but aft cabin starboard wall leaked like a sieve.

And last but not least the engine was a 120 Ford but not a Lehman. It looked like a Lehman but was a Ford Watermota, also made in England. Many of the parts are the same but some very important ones, like the closed coolant pump, are not. I needed a pump and had to wait a month.
Thanks all for your wise input.* I'll have a look at her next Saturday
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