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Oct 11, 2010
Hello Folks,

I am taking a great interest in trawlers, and hope to be an owner in time for my retirement a few years from now. I spend a lot of time on the net getting aquainted with what is out there and reading forums such as this one.
I have a question. There is currently a 29 ft Gypsy Island trawler for sale on the website. I love the look and layout of this boat. The interior wood appears to need some sanding and varnishing, and this fact is mentioned in the broker`s description. Can anybody give me their opinion on this craft.
** What you have here Mr. fredd appears to be a relitively severe leakage problem in several locations as manifested by stained and potentially rotten wood.* It's not just a sand and re-finish job.* You will HAVE to find and repair all sources of water ingress and possibly replace not only the finish panelling but possibly*though not necessarily a fair amount of the underlying wooden structure.* That engine is going to be a bear to wok on unless you can get easy access to the sides.
** Other than that, it is an attractive boat.* GET A GOOD SURVEY!!!!!!

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Congrats on your interest in Trawlers and having been in your shoes about 7 yrs ago, I can identify what you are going thru.

I too studied everything I could, learned about the hulls that typically had issues with leaking windows, leaks because of teak decks, leaking fuel tanks due to inferior materials used....etc, etc! It's a long list and you really have to study and then as was suggested in the previous post, when you find what you think is the right boat....get a very good surveyor (normally the best one is the one that all the brokers don't like because he is too thorough)!

Looks like you have a few years until retirement, so good luck in your endeavor. As you are pretty new (as am I actually) on this forum, you will find a real wealth of info and most are eager to help you.
Welcome Stefan,

I've personally only know one person who had an Island Gypsy 29 and overall, he loved it. There's a lot of decking for fishing and the only complaint I remember him having was the turbo. I remember him saying he'd prefer the Lehman without a turbo as at cruise speed it always seemed to be providing boost, which dramatically increased fuel consumption. He just thought the turbo was one more thing to worry about. It may not be an issue for someone else.

But as you're new to trawlers I think RTF and Roostor hit the nail on the head when they expressed a concern about leaking problems and especially getting a GOOD survey when the time comes. What may look like a simple sanding problem to correct may really be something very expensive to repair. *Better to find out prior to the offer being made.

I'd also suggest that you spend the couple hundred extra dollars when the time comes for a diesel survey. Included will be an oil analysis, which can often spot excessive metal wearing that you'd never see. *Just food for thought.

Brookings, Oregon

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Well, I'm vey pleased with the prompt and informative replies to my question. Unfortunately, I've been informed that the vessel recently sold. Oh, well, there's many more out there, and in the meantime I'll learn more, and be able to make the right purchase when the time comes. I'll be sure to read the forums on this site for more info. Thanks.
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