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Dec 30, 2018
Hi all,

For quite some time I entertain the idea of full time cruising on a sailboat. For the last years, my wife followed a couple she knows in real life as they went through the process of buying a boat and selling their home. They now are in route, and not everything seems to be as predicted.
So while searching information about cruising full time with a sailboat, I more and more questioned whether or not a sailboat is the right type of vessel for us and hence I was spilled from the CruisersForum to this place.

I am on this planet for more than half a century and have been fascinated by boats as long as I can remember. When I was young, I went to boating shows with my father and we dreamed together about building a nice big sailboat but could only afford a small open one at this time. I started sailing at the age of 14 on lakes in Austria and Switzerland and later sailed the Mediterranean sea with friends in charter boats, our longest trip was three weeks from island to island in the Aegean sea.
After I had finished University and started working, boats and sailing got kind of out of reach, because we were neither close to the sea nor to a lake and time was very limited. However, I never lost the dream.
At some point, I started flying small airplanes since that also had something to do with technology, weather, and navigation, and the airport was only 5 minutes from home, but my vacation was still spent close to the water, preferably the Mediterranean sea. While I was there, I loved going to the marinas where I watched the boats going in and out reminding me of the wonderful times I spend on board different sailboats.
Several attempts to get back on the water failed due to the job-related lack of time and finally also my excursion into aviation came to a halt due to the same reason.
After a couple of years of total abstinence due to relocation and a new job, I bought a small wooden sailboat, a Caledonia Yawl; She is an open double-ender which has a main- and mizzenmast. Nice and relaxed sailing but limited to short day trips due to the lack of a cabin and also I kind of sadly had to realize that my wife and son are not so much into sailing.
Since I am reading here, the idea of a motor powered vessel doesn't sound so unreasonable anymore, and the idea of an ocean-going trawler has become very appealing.

So, I guess that is why I am here. No trawler yet, but a boatload (almost literally :D ) of questions.

Thanks and happy new year

Welcome aboard and happy New Year to you too :)
Welcome, and thank for sharing your journey to get here.Good luck with your search for a boat that meets your family's needs. As for those questions, ask away. There's no shortage of answers here.
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