9' Hard Dinghy

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Sep 27, 2015
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I'm looking for suggestions on a 7'8"- 9' hard dinghy for my 9'6" swim platform to be used with Weaver davit system. Looking to find something used.
Look up Boss boats or Rigid boats. They make a RIB lookalike that is 8'6" made of fiberglass. We have one that works well with davits. In our case it is nice to be able to stand on the "tubes".

Look for a BOATEX8.

they make one that fits & works well with the Weaver tilt up system.
I have a 1991, 9' WATERTENDER dinghy I would like to sell. It is a hard shell, foam filled boat, with a hard interior. It was with my (new to me) trawler when I purchased it. I do not have a title, but do have a letter from the previous owner stating that he is selling it with the trawler. HIN is LLT
9' hard dinghy

I have a 1991, 9' WATERTENDER dinghy that came with my boat when I bought it last year. HIN is LLT57367G191. Asking $300.00 US. If you are interested, please call me at 914 656 5952.
To my mind the best dinghy ever built is the Grumman Aluminum 9 ft model.

It will row from two positions , or with two oarsmen , nice when the slop kicks up.

It will carry 5 not too fat folks with an outboard in a slop that would have the condum dink folks soaking wet.

They sail quite well with a rig that stows all inside the boat.

A few medium sized fenders will fit under the seat thwart making it unsinkable.

In the usual cruising dock raft up , where no one has a painter longer than 3 ft , the aluminum stands up well to the crunch , far better than the rubber condum boats , and without the spliting that cheap GRP dinks are famous for.

The GRUMMAN is a dink that does NOT die in sunshine as GRP does , that can be used as a LIFEBOAT for a couple , with the EZ ability to self rescue for a few days (maybe a hundred miles of sea) with almost zero maint.

Sound like a dink that should be aboard any boat that regularly cruises.

Works for me , but boy are they hard to locate!!

Images for grumman aluminum dink
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