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72' Alloy trawler is back in the market

The friendliest place on the web for anyone who enjoys boating.
If you have answers, please help by responding to the unanswered posts.
"This maybe rude. If so I apologize. It looks like a well maintained, thoughtfully outfitted and beautiful boat. I would think it would sell very quickly at a good price for the seller. Why do you think that hasn’t happened? If I was in your area I’d give serious thought to buying her. Have you gotten any feedback suggesting why?"

Further to this comment from HC, while this boat is way too big for me, it looks like a beautiful, well-built, capable and thoroughly maintained vessel. Two things that may be making a sale difficult, just in my opinion of course:
1) I looked on the AB Yacht site, but I couldnt find the listing for your boat. However, most of the yachts they did have listed were selling for many millions of euros/dollars, so maybe this is not the best site for you? They had a pricing filter, but it went up to 80 million euros(!), and when I slid it down to a maximum of $500,000 it indicated nothing listed under that price. Perhaps a different site or broker would be targeting more likely buyers.
2) For buyers here in North America, traveling to Europe to see a boat makes an extra complication, and I also guess that the electric systems on your boat are 50 cycle, which would complicate service and replacements on this side of the ocean.
Although I have never sold a boat close to the size of yours, I know how difficult it can be to find a buyer for a custom-built boat, but I wish you success.
Thanks for you return
For AByacjt on the first page 'motor boat' you have'filter by model type' scrawl down,it is by alphabetic, to T : Trawler Pacific 72 and clic on .it is open.
For the sale of à one off it dépend
For example our former Long Cours 62 we found 3 potential buyers, even one of them want make an artic expédition with her he finally try we à smaller boat Arktika.
For our Vietnamiese baby we got...in one month 115 inquiries, four of them was buyers who fly from France to HK !
All this 3 boat Oaristys, Long-Cours 62 and Pacific 72 have the same well know (in France) architect for the hull line Joubert- Nivelt.
For the 220/50 hertz don't think it was à big issue ? We had in France à Cheoy Lee 53 in...110/60hetrz Just need à "converter" on the power line.
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Much depends on the design of the boat and size. As stated for your design and size Al is a better choice.
If looking at a different design , let’s say a Bering, the expense of Al v Fe would favor Fe and would not improve performance nor efficiency to a significant degree if done in Al. Good NAs design with the hull material in mind from the get go.
Some more detail concerning our Pacific 72 :
- new 1160 Ah 25 volts Lifepo batteries bank
- two news DC/DC between alternator and service batteries bank
- new container 8 person liferaft
- Our Spectra Newport 400 revised by Hydrotechnique
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