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64' Vantare For Sale (yeah... not a trawler)

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Senior Member
Oct 10, 2007
Asking $469k.* It's the only 1990 Vantare for sale on the west coast, and is a perfect vessel for coastal cruising, especially up in the San Juans.* They're quite popular up in the PNW.

It's being handled by a very reputable broker, and the YW listing (along with all equipment) can be found here.* The vessel is held in an LLC, and the right deal can include the LLC.

Drop me a PM if you wish to discuss details.

Good luck, Chuck!!!! Hope you are moving on to better things!!!!
Thanks John... we're trying.* The wife is doing well, and we have a couple of irons in the fire.* We're just hoping one (or more) will soon pop.* The unfortunate thing is I've had to initiate legal proceedings to collect the last 120 days of receivables my client owed me (over $1mm).* That has put a huge dent in my working capital after paying out over a dozen severance packages, taxes, COBRA, legal fees, etc.

So... nobody in this forum wants to buy my boat?* Come on... make me an offer I can't refuse

-- Edited by KMA on Saturday 6th of March 2010 06:00:37 AM

Nobody "wants" to buy your boat? *Believe me, you've got people drooling all over their collective keyboards. Great shots of your little ship.

KMA's a beautiful, really beautiful boat, and the care you've given her is very evident. *Best of luck with the sale, and really glad to hear the wife's doing well. * That's really what's important anyway.

drooling in Brookings, OR
Hey Chuck are you moving to another boat if and when you sell, or what? What other boat could you go to after this one, it's a pretty hard act to follow. Makes my house seem cramped and a bit tacky, let alone my boat.

We're probably going to fire sale the boat at the Newport Boat Show in April.* My CPA is working out the short sale details with the bank as I write this.* I'm willing to bet somebody can steal it for under $400k.* Of course, for that price, it's "as-is, where is".

As far as a replacement goes, it all depends if we can collect on the big receivable.* Right now, I'm look at something like this.* They're asking way too much money, and I can't afford it now... but I can still dream.
Just get ya a Defever 49 PH if you like that one. I know they are not steel but other than that, very similar boats.
And if you like that, you may like this one too http://tinyurl.com/yj9am3r

I think this is a boat I specifically went to see at Solomon's TrawlerFest a few years back.* I lusted after it but wasn't really in the market for something like this just yet.* Then I saw it sold and was transported to the PNW to be put in charter service.

Looks like the price went up substantially, almost double.* Or, I may be confusing this with another vessel entirely.* So many nice boats, so little time or $.

-- Edited by BaltimoreLurker on Tuesday 23rd of March 2010 10:51:33 AM
Price reduced to $429k. All reasonable offers considered.
Still got it. Asking price dropped to $399k, but can be had for considerably less. This thing goes back to the bank in 45-60 days, so don't wait too long.

Although I'm happy for you and the sale, I'm really sorry to see the boat go. Talk about a beautiful yacht....WOW!

Hopefully you'll still be on this site and another vessel will be in your slip eventually. I know with the new business you'll be preoccupied, but once you get salt water in your blood........!

Congrats again!

Brookings, Oregon

-- Edited by coyote454 on Tuesday 26th of October 2010 11:36:07 AM

-- Edited by coyote454 on Tuesday 26th of October 2010 11:36:46 AM

The saying about the 2 happiest days in a man's life is true.* It's a relief to be out from under it... at least financially.* Now I get to negotiate the back end of the short sale with the bank.* I'm not looking forward to that

I'll still hang around the site.* I don't make friends easily, and I consider all of you my friends.* You all put up with my BS, and aren't afraid to call me on it.

Is there another boat in my future?* Probably not.* We've migrated inland, and I've been eyeballing small land yachts for hauling the grandbaby cross country to show her this great land of ours while it's still here to see.* I can't wait to see her face the first time she sees the Grand Canyon, Yosemite and Yellowstone, to name but a few places that are on the future agenda.

Life is still an adventure, even off the water.
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