58' Angel Pilothouse Trawler

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Aug 8, 2011
Can anyone supply any information on 58' Angel and the pros and cons on taking this vessel offshore?* We are interested in an Angel that has stabilizer. thrusters, large tanks and 3208 TA's along with a watermaker.* Our broker feels that Angels are not boats built for 10' seas and are more of a costal cruiser.* The concern is on the build of these boats and withstanding heavy ocean seas.* A second concern is while this boat has the equipment for offshore, it has not been used in over 6 years in that manner.* A survey has not been done on the boat which hopefully would bring issues to light.* Any thoughts?
Mate don't have a lot on the Angel but a mate of mine has a 52. It has 3208 CATs.
Aft cabin version with a cockpit. The last thing i would call it is an offshore cruiser.
Coastal cruiser yes, it is semi displacement boat and he has cruised the Qld coast here in Aus up as far as Lizard Island.
Nice roomy boat as a live aboard but not really built to cross oceans.
Just my 2 c worth.
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