52' Jefferson Monticello

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Aug 8, 2011
Has anybody got any info on 52' Jefferson Monticello boats?* Looking to use the boat as a long distance cruiser.* Any info on quality, fuel consumption (they've got twin 3208 @375HP)?* Has any one cruised a twin by alternately running a single engine in order to lower overall fuel consumption?

Has any one cruised a twin by alternately running a single engine in order to lower overall fuel consumption?

Willing to yank the prop for each passage?
With those engines you can cruise all day at 1500 to 1700 RPM and be pretty fuel efficient. I'd not buy the boat assuming you could shut one down and save big $$. In fact to save $$ don't buy it. Expenses other than fuel will rear their head largely muting the fuel cost question. Like any older vessel, the previous owner's diligence to care and maintenance will determine your happiness.

Do lots of dock walking and talking to be sure Jefferson is for you and the next owner. In these economic times there are some deals but also some vessels that had no*available owner $$ for timely proper care and upkeep.

One giveaway is - was it a repo and did the owner take out a second mortage. Another give away is the timing for the last HX and turbo system cleaning and raw water impeller change out - Cats will brook little abuse in this area. The Cat*book will tell you timing for these actions.

If the vessel cannot achieve full rated RPM in its present form without overheating, be VERY CAREFUL
I am extremely familiar with the Jefferson 52 Monticello. In fact, I have one listed for sale right now in Tennessee. :)
I have been on a lot of Jeffersons and especially the 52, both marquessa and monticello. IMO, the monticello is more boat in the 52' range just about ever made. I simply LOVE the layout of the vessel with it's 2 salon set up. Way more space than something like the 53 hatteras. Interior woodwork is top notch. Engine room access is going to be a little tighter than some other vessels in this size range but again, the flip side of that is having 2 large salons and great living space. On sea trials I have found the monticello to be very responsive and handles well. *Only other item for longer coastal cruising will be getting a good set up for a dinghy. *You can use weaver snap davits or sea wise system or even better- a full crane davit on the foredeck with a small 11' boston whaler set forward of the foredeck bench seats and just aft of the pulpit so as to not block the view at the lower helm. *Personally, I really, really like the 52 monticello for a coastal cruising motoryacht. *

Not sure you will get too much better fuel economy running on one engine at a time but that is a topic that has been debated here if you do a search.

Let me know if you have any other monticello specific questions.
I have the same engines in my smaller boat.* We are 43' and 34,000 lbs disp.* After exhaustive test runs over the last year I have found there is very little to gain running on a single (although there are no issues with twin disc or Caterpillar) vs. running both engines.* I cruise on both engines (without loading up, etc.)*at around 1,100 rpm and get excellent fuel consumption running just a tad over 'calculated'*hull speed.* Parts are readilly available and Cat service centers have been excellent to deal with.* As was mentioned, at 1,500 rpm I get only slightly less mpg but great performance @ 10 knots*and the engines will run forever at these low rpms, imho.* I am not familiar enough with the 52' to have an opinion, but I like the Jeff's I have seen.

Good Luck
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