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Oct 4, 2011
Any knowledge about these boats? We have a 34 Albin but looking at bigger boats..these seem like good boats but wondering about thier sea worhtiness.


If I purchase planning on repowering and extensive work on hull and interior.


Any suggesstions greatly appreciated.


"If I purchase planning on repowering and extensive work on hull and interior."

Do the math first , re-powering can be hugely expensive with many hidden costs.

Resale is also a problem if you power a plaining boat to cruise efficiently at trawler crawler speeds.

Sounds like "messing about on boats" not operation or cruising is your hobby.
Thanks FF, we have looked at over 30 boats and can't seem to find one that fits without some retrofitting. We sailed to 5 years on new Baba but was real lucky and we were able to live in Taiwan during build process.

Our 34 Albin is a great boat but just too small for us to take the leap of extended cruise up the east coast then back dwon inland waters.

We want a coastal and inland water boat over 40 feet. Wife loved the De Fever Pilot house but think it is too big for rivers.

Again, thanks for your insight


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