42’ Californian LRC mast height

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Feb 18, 2013
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42' Californian
Does anyone happen to know the air draft for the 42’ LRC?
You'd best calculate the air draft yourself. They were probably all different from one another when built. And probably most have been modified over the years. Great boats. Loved it but moved up a bit in size.
Yeah, the top 2’ of mine had been lopped off to allow the boat to fit in its boathouse without having to lower it. My best estimate is that I’m ~17’, but looking for some confirmation.
I can confidently now say that my 42' Californian has an 18.5' air draft. The place where I had my boat hauled out has an 18.5' clearance on their door, and we slid under with barely an inch to spare.

Since we had 2' removed previously, I'd guess that a non-modified boat has about a 20.5' air draft.

Hopefully this help others who are seeking this info...
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