36 1990 marine trader is listing to port

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Sep 16, 2010
just bought it, put stuff on it and filled up fule and water tanks, listing a lot to the port side, anyone else with this issue? to balance it we put people on the other side, needed about 450 pounds to balance it. It seems a lot of the storage space is on port, as is the gally, and the couch.
Is it just slightly or big time??? It is not uncommon at all for a boat to list at rest after loading it up. How is yuor tankage set up??? Water and fuel weighs a LOT and maybe there is just an imbalance between those two???
not sure if the tanks might be the issue, it needs 450 pounds on the other side to balance it. I need someone with this same boat model maybe they had the same experience. I find it hard to believe it's just our stuff. It leans a lot!
450lbs is only about 60-65 gallons of fuel or water!!! Batteries are heavy as hell too and if they are on the port side, it may be advantageous to put them on the other side....easier said than done...I know but probably a bit easier than relocating the galley...
Also remember when you are moving stuff like that, you are subtracting from one side and adding to another. So if you were moving batteries, for example, you would only have to move 225lbs worth.
I would look what may be stored in the fly bridge area. Our Thompson list to port at first and when I unloaded the lockers and took everything home, my truck list to driver side.

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My guess would be the distribution of weight of the "stuff" you have stored on the boat. You might need to experiment with relocating stored items to get the boat balanced. I seriously doubt the problem is anything else except tankage, and should not be an issue with all tanks filled the same.
We figured it out, for some reason the old owner had 1 tank empty and closed off. We opened it and the boat is fine now. Love our new boat!! Thanks and hope to see you all at Trawler Fest in Baltimore this weekend!
"We figured it out, for some reason the old owner had 1 tank empty and closed off. We opened it and the boat is fine now."

Don't want to be negative but I would sure watch the tank and make sure that 'some reason' wasn't leaking or full of crud.

The PO of our boat never used the port tank. It was empty and new.

So it may have been an easy fix. Sounds like you're having fun.
No leaking, yet, bilge is dry, won't know about crud till we run it again, maybe this weekend. I hope your wrong, but it had to be done, we were tipping over!
It should be fine. PO probably didn't need that much fuel :)
To Charles's point, my marina neighbor with a 30 Searay sedan bridge had 250 lbs of lead on his port side from the factory to level the boat.
charles wrote:

One more thing, many yrs ago a writer for PASSAGEMAKER mag. did an art on Taiwan boats and mentioned CHB saying that , "all CHB's are bow heavy" even had a pic of one.
Ha, ha, maybe that's why my old 1975 vintage CHB (Clipper 34), in which the tanks are all now in the lazaret, sits so nicely and is so balanced I can even surf it at 11 kn on a good stern wave yet not feel any loss of control or tendency to broach.* Also, unlike what many have described when talking about their vessel listing one way or the other at rest, mine sits flat.* I suspect because the batts (3) are to port, the water heater (Isotherm 42 litre) to starboard, the tanks are all linked with balancer tubes, and the furniture inside pretty evenly distributed, with U-shaped galley opposite the steering station, then settees both sides of the saloon, unlike many later models with heavy galley stuff all along one side, and just seating on the other.* What goes round comes round....?

Hello all. Before buying our IG36 we also had a 34 Clipper. For some reason I can't quite remember we(read boat yard doing repairs)*put a couple of tons of cement to encase the centre shaft drive under the aft cabin. She behaved very well in a following sea after that.
I had that problem with my 40' trawler and it was because of the fuel because I never filled it all the way to the top so as not to over flow.

But filled it up carefully last time and problem solved.
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