1988 49 Defever

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Oct 8, 2007
A friend of mine is looking at a 1988 49 Defever with twin 135 Lehmans with approx 1750hrs.* Can anyone familiar with the 49 Defever give any insights on possible problem areas to look for unique to this boat?



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The quality and findings of the survey will help dictate the decision. Well made boats, engines and systems if not properly maintained will be problematic after 21 years.*As a current DF owner my advice is:
1* Double check hull sides and cabin top for water intrusion
2* Carefully look at rudder boxes and anchor/windlass backing
3* Engine alignment should be checked, if not good spend inspection time on*transmission, shaft tube and cutlass bearings
4* If teak decks be very careful as to how affixed
5* Steel fuel tank integrity - look for rust on tank tops - if there be careful
6* The prospective buyer should check all systems, electronics, valves etc before survey. You may find $110K worth of fixups and should walk

This design is a great sea boat, a true classic and much sought after. If it passes survey your friend has made no mistake. Go to PMM website and ask Jeff same question - he owns Arctic Traveler - a DF 49 PH design. There is a really nice one for sale in Seattle/Anacortes area.

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Thanks for the reply Sunchaser. I'll go look for Arctic Traveler.

I know nothing much about these boats other than I was looking at one about 5 years ago. They had it listed for $185k and it had me scrambling. Thanks God somebody beat me to it because I likely would have found a way to "afford" it. ANyway, it was in great condition at that low price. The only problem with it and mentioned above was that it had rusted out fuel tanks. The tanks are located UNDER the engines. For them to be fixed or replaced the engines need to be removed. The buyer(who registered here and is on T&T) bought the boat based on a $20k estimate for the fuel tank fix. They weren't leaking yet but he figgered he would use the boat until they did and then fix them.

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Hi John,

Thanks for the info.* I think the tanks on this boat must be in a different location.* They have clean out ports and they appear to be along side the engine.* I haven't been on the boat so I can only go by the pictures.




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The Defever 49 as always been a favorite of mine. Checking out Yachtwold, if this is the one kept under cover, then that's a huge plus.
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