1987 Jefferson 42 Convertible

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Apr 17, 2011
Although not exactly a trawler it is of the trawler family and maybe some here can help me out regarding the boat. Can't seem to find anything in Boatguide, Pascoe's reviews or anyone elses reviews. With twin 310 cummins how would the boat perform? Will it cruise 16-18 knots loaded for fishing with 6 adults? Is it well built or should I look for cored structure, window leaks, etc. On this 25 year old model are there certain "gotchas" I should look for like prone to blisters or wood rot somewhere? Is it a stable boat at anchor- we deep drop to fish. Thanks

Most all boats have Bulsa cored construction for decks and house including cabin tops.
I guess I have been looking at older boats hence didn't appreciate the balsa coring of the newer boats as being a standard. As long as not in the hull bottom or the sidewalls I can live with the balsa coring on the deck and top. That being a given does this boat have any areas that are trouble areas with leaking and rot? Thanks

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