1982 Marine Trader Guadrant

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Dec 1, 2014
Looking for a steering quadrant for a 1982 Marine Trader SE.

It seems that one of the bolts connecting the mounting clamp to the ,quadrant, has become stripped and I would like to replace the whole quadrant. Does anyone know the make/part number of these units. So far I have attempted to contact Don’s Marine Surplus Salvage-Clearwater, FL; Sailorman-Ft Lauderdale FL; Marine Hardware in Redmond WA and Ormond Beach, FL; The Marine Connection-Ft Pierce; Marine Engine Salvage-who is unable to supply; and Mass Marine Parts-Quincy, MA. Do any of you know of any other places I could check to get a replacement?
You've probably exhausted your options. I would take it to a local machine shop.

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