1982 KK 42 Lazarette Hatch Sill Drainage

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Nov 22, 2023
The tiny drains installed in the sill channel under the lazarette hatch on my 1982 KK 42 often get overwhelmed during heavy rains causing the sill to fill and water to drain into the lazarette and ultimately bilge.

Any suggestions on resolving this issue?

The sill is very narrow and won't easily accommodate large drains and so I was thinking about fitting a rubber bulb seal in the channel to restrict any water collection to the gap around the perimeter of the lazarette. I don't think this will seal the lazarette but it isn't sealed now and would likely reduce water entry into th lazarette.
I may have just found some comments and suggestions in another post titled rear hatch leak. Will review responses in that thread.
That thread is for a Californian and not krogen so probably could still use suggestions. Thanks
Mine has 2 small ones leading toward the bilge sump. They easily clog and need to vacuumed out. When on a rough passage I use blue tape to just seal the hatch from the sea water rolling across the cockpit.
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