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1981 Californian LRC for sale in N. Miami

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10 Knots

Mar 6, 2011
At the ripe old age of 81, I went back to work and can no longer keep my boat. She has been professionally maintained and is in very nice condition. Fresh bottom paint & new batteries. Everything in working order. *Great live aboard! Make me an offer.
Sorry your retirement has been cut short.

Please give us more info on the boat.

What size?

Type engines?


Take care**** JohnP
She's a beaute Clark! Good luck with the sale. That's a tough sale in this economy but hey, you never know.... ;)
I've got $1,000 on the table next to me and can take the next flight to FL and be to you tonight!! Lol, sorry, I couldn't resist.
nice looking Californian, any potential owners will be very happy with this boat.
Is this vessel still for sale?
What model, engines is there a working listing on the Web for this vessel?

-- Edited by Billylll on Saturday 12th of March 2011 07:00:17 PM
Billy!!!! Awesome to see you here on TF! Welcome to the best trawler site to be found on the net!
Billy,* Welcome --You might want to send 1Oknots a private message pertaining to the vessels availability.

Keep posting. Nice to here from Trawler folks!** JohnP
I did send him and e-mail John. I'm not quite a Trawler guy yet. I have a Mainship 40SB that I am selling or I should say hoping to sell in this market. I has everything most LRC's have but it burrns the wrong fuel and too much of it.
I have decided it is time to change to a Trawler style boat with diesel power due to the economy and I find my wife and I run at hull speed more than on plane.
We are really hooked on the 34 Californian.
So. we are not in a hurry but looking for the right one. I do realize because we are looking for a 1979-1983 the boat will more than likely need considerable work.
Unfortunately we repowered and refit our current boat in 2007 so we will take a huge loss on the sale but it is time for change.
We boat in the Little Egg NJ area and our 93 Mainship's name is Wireless One.

-- Edited by Billylll on Sunday 13th of March 2011 07:42:00 AM
Yes she is. I'm in the process of putting together a website with all her specs and details. I can send you the basics if you are interested in a preview.

Thanks for the inquiry.
Please send me the details and general condition and asking price.Thanks, Bill
Bill, It sounds like your boat is ready to go and equipped to your tastes.

How much do you really burn at trawler speed- 7knots?

If you lose a ton of cash selling your*boat seems it might be better to just cruise it.

The fuel difference would take a long time to make up the loss in changing boats.

My 2cents


-- Edited by JohnP on Monday 14th of March 2011 09:11:51 AM
I burn about 10gph at 7 knots.
I am interested in downsizing to save dock costs and winterizing fees.
I also can't do the Erie Canal with my custom hardtop the boats too tall.
These are just a few reasons why I want to eventually change.
The only thing I am missing from most LRC's is a washer/dryer combination.
Billylll wrote:

I burn about 10gph at 7 knots.

A single screw trawler appox 36' should burn about 2gal/hr at cruising speed.

Twin screws and higher speeds will of course burn more $$$.


That is why I like the dual 85hp Californian or the next step up.
Bill,* Spring is right around the corner. Are you willing to "give your boat away" at a real economy price and move on?

Have you considered E-Bay with a low reserve?

Tough pill to swallow, but will things ever get better to the point of you breaking even?

Curious?* JohnP
I am willing to give it away minus the KVH M-3, FB-150, Spectra Watermaker, FLIR, I will remove the Garmin 6212 replace it with a spare 4212 and the inverter/large house bank. I will be listing it with a broker this week or next week. She gets launcehed either today or tomorrw.
No E-Bay for me not with the number of deadbeats and tire kicker's out there.
Billylll wrote:

I am willing to give it away minus the KVH M-3, FB-150, Spectra Watermaker, FLIR, I will remove the Garmin 6212 replace it with a spare 4212 and the inverter/large house bank. I will be listing it with a broker this week or next week. She gets launcehed either today or tomorrw.
**********Bill,* Strip it! And price it right before listing.** Keep your stuff for the next one.* People will appreciate the upgraded engines, but want the other goodies for


I agree John, I will have to leave the Vetus bow thruster in but I can reduce it's battery bank size. Other than that the Syrens high power WiFi unit, AT&T Ericsson W35 and possibly the PuraSan with the Hold-N-Treat can come out. I even have a 1 year old VacuFlush system I could put back in and keep my Marine Elegance head.
Even with all this stuff removed she would be at the top of the list of any 1993-99 Mainship 40SB I have seen on Yacht World other than 1 other diesel model that has a hardtop and new diesels but the asking price is more than double what I would ask.
Every through-hull, hose, DC breaker panels, AC breaker panel, chargers and valve has been replaced on this boat. She has new water tanks and a new upgraded 36 gallon holding tank all are Poly. The bridge seating and dash was all re-fitted in 2008 and is custom. The hot water heater was upgraded to an 11 gallon Atwood all the sink fixtures were replaced, all navigation lights are the highest quality Perko LED, she has 4 blue under water transom LED lights, all interior lighting is modern LED even the arch/spreader lights are high intensity LED. She also has a new Good windlass that is top of the line rope/chain with foot pedal and dash mounted controls.
It is a one of a kind. I have receipts in 2007 totaling more than 170k not including what I paid for her in 2004-05. Probably close to $45k in electronics upgrades last year.
I'm still waiting on 10knots to describe his boat and the condition. Asking price would be nice as well.
Anyone looking to sell a 1979-1983 34' Californian with twin NA diesel's?
Bill,* I don't recall you saying what your plans were for this boat.

You must really like her if you put all that into her.

If the loop is a possibility, and your air draft excludes the Erie,* The ICW to Fla and the Bahamas is a good alternative.

If you ran her 1000hrs at 10gal/hr at $4.= $40k.

If you ran a Cali at 3.5gal/hr at $3.85=$13.5K.

Only 26.5k for taking a loss and starting all over, sounds like it is cheaper to keep her!

It appears that way John, however I can't add diesel fired heat with a gas boat, or safetly change to Propane frig or stove, again it's still a gas boat, I want to downsize for many reasons some include slip costs and yearly homeport fees. There isn't much logic to it John but the boat will never in the near future be worth more than it is right now. I don't see the boating industry coming back anytime soon.
The boat is excess to my needs.
She is more boat than I am looking for 10knots, too bad I'm looking for a 34 Californian. Looks very nice though.
Billylll wrote
The boat is excess to my needs.

********* Bill,* I hear you and understand completely.* I thank the Trawler Forum for*
**********erasing any ideas I may have had about "upgrading".

********* I am perfectly happy with my little 32' Island Gypsy single engine.

********* Now all I have to do is get off my duff and start cruising!

********* JohnP

-- Edited by JohnP on Wednesday 16th of March 2011 01:16:41 PM
Want to trade? I'm just kidding if you want a dock "Mary" my boat is perfect or a Cove boat where you cruise 3-5 miles and anchor otherwise forgetaboutit!Bill
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