1980 40' Bristol- Rebuild?

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Sep 5, 2014
Only if you like the work and don't mind spending more bringing her back than you would spend to buy a boat in good condition.
Some people like that labor of love. And you can make it "yours". But I agree, you could buy a nice boat in good shape for what you'll spend on that. It's going to take a lot of time, money and effort just to rewire it. That's not taking into consideration refreshing the engines and gen.
By contrast, There was the same boat "Jenny" listed on here for 35k OBO if I remember correctly. It had a new John Deere powerplant, new genset and was a really nice boat. I saw it last year when the new owner (steve?) bought it. It was hauled out at Green Cove Springs Marina. Something in the ownership changed and it was for sale very reasonably. Don't know if it sold but it was in Jax, Fl. Maybe worth following up. Loop,coastal ready. Search the archives.
Bristols are really well built boats from a different era.
I've seen a few on YW that have been there for a while and the price seems right. Why are they so over looked?
"I've seen a few on YW that have been there for a while and the price seems right. Why are they so over looked?"

Bristol was willing to sell boats at many stages of completion.

The build and outfitting might be frightening.
Ahh I see, so a good eye and even a good survey (someone who knows these boats) is key!
I've seen a few on YW that have been there for a while and the price seems right. Why are they so over looked?

I think a lot of people didn't like them because they were basically a two person boat. When these were built, "sleeps 30 or more" was all the rage for anything over 30'. The few that I have seen were built strong. They look a little rolly.
Checkout Jenny if this is a boat that interests you. Lot of value there, if it has not been sold.
I would be happy to go look at for you and take pics.
You can buy a $200,000 turn key boat and use it for 10 years...then sell it for $125,000.

Or you can buy a $40,000 dollar boat, put $35,000 dollars into it and 10 years later put it in a dumpster.

Either way, you lost $75,000 dollars....but it is a lot less trouble to order a dumpster than sell a boat.

And chances are, you can sell a $10,000 or so boat easier than a $125,000 boat if it looks OK and runs.

Lots of variations on a theme, none is better thsn the next, except what you think.
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You mean buying a boat for $45k, putting $35k into it, using it for 10 years and then selling it for $160k doesn't happen? Hahaha
You mean buying a boat for $45k, putting $35k into it, using it for 10 years and then selling it for $160k doesn't happen? Hahaha
it does happen.

I have 2 friends that flip boats for profit.

One just pulled in yesterday with a well worn Buddy Davis Sportfish about 50 feet.

Here for a spruce up and exterior paint job.

Bet he fixes her, uses her for a year or so and sells at a profit.....but it is a job...not a hobby usually.
At $2500 a month rent, I could buy a $300k boat, use it for 10 years and give it away and break even. Of course, the expenses are what kills you........
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If they are looking to make room in the yard, offer to haul it off for free to your backyard. Tell them you can take it now for free, or they can pay to have it disposed of in the future :ermm:
from 11/13/2015

1967 42' re-powered Bristol Trawler
Jenny is out of contract and back on the market. Survey in hand. Newer John Deere, gen set. Loop veteran. Handsome trawler. VERY well built. Listed at 35,000... make me an offer. Steve 904-252-2284.

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Looked at the Jenny along with others back then. As I remember it had a sound hull, needed lots of TLC inside and out. If I remember right the galley was in the bow instead of V birth. The interior setup was not to my liking.
Very difficult to do a quality assessment based on a few pictures. If the 1980 Bristol's decks are sound, I think that boat would be well worth consideration. Hire a cleaning gang (unemployed locals) to clean inside and out for a week or so and the improvements could be outstanding. And I believe it can be had for $10K or even less!

Because the engines were reported to have been ran after water intrusion, it is a good bet they will run again. A couple of years ago I was about to purchase a 36' S&S sailboat with damage between the keel and the hull for under 5K. The boat was fully equipped and I thought I could have it hauled to the boatyard where we store for the winters and pay to have the keel/hull joint repaired.

I was just about to call the seller when Wifey learned of my plan. No way did she want two boats. Yeah, another boat might have forced a search for another wife but I like the one I have.
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I guarantee you will have to put a lot more than $35,000 into this boat. There is nothing of value here unless someone needs spare engine parts.
If they offered this to me for free I would not take it.
The boat I am doing cost me less than half that and I have put a more than 35,000 into it. Most of the work I have done myself or friends at mates rates.
If you did it yourself full time, at least a year. That's if you are good at everything like SWAMPU. Anyway that's what I think!!
I don't read any replies telling us how anxious they are to make an offer, high or low for this boat. But I question why you are so sure the engines are junk. If those engines were truly operational after the boat was purged of the water intrusion why now have they become junk just because they have not operated?

I still believe that if the posted ad is correct, very little of the boat's innards suffered much. But a conversation at this stage is moot! There is little interest here in the forum from anybody to purchase this vessel. I do maintain that a cleaning crew can make a huge difference in at least the boat's appearance. I have my hands full with one boat and my wife was correct, I don't need another :)
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I think most people agree that if it were KK, Nordhavn, etc. that at this price the ends would justify the means. But as it stands, it's a boat that's not popular. There's a ton of work that needs to be done. Even if the engines ran, they still need to be gone through. Same with the gen, AC (if it has it), wiring, pumps, batteries and more.

I think if it were just neglected and didn't sink, about $12k would be worth messing with. But that's just my opinion.
Just last week I had a discussion about abandoned boats with a boat yard owner. He told me that to dispose of a a 36' full displacement sailboat it would end up costing him about $10,000 in labor and dump fees. He ends up owning the boats due to unpaid storage fees, and is happy to give them away for free to not have to pay for disposal, and to have someone paying the monthly fee to store it while they attempt to restore it. To me it seems like a huge waste of time and money, but I shouldn't judge since I waste all my time and money on my boat.
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