1968 Catalina Trawler 42'

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Nov 19, 2011
Looking for some help here ! We are in negotiations to purchase a 1968 Catalina Trawler to use as a Liveaboad in the Sf area. Had a survey completed on the boat and all is well. The Surveyor cant seem to find much info out there on a Catalina Trawler? looks just like a Grand Banks Trawler. Cool thing is the current owner still has the original Yacht Diary with the boat. Lots a great comments about using the boat for parties, etc on the 60's and 70's.

Any help would be great !

Hm.. I have never heard of a catalina trawler- closest would be the Chris Craft Catalina's but they sure aren't trawlers. :) Post some pictures!!
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