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Oct 7, 2007
Vessel Make
Bayliner 4550 Pilothouse
We've all heard of 4200 and 5200, but today, well today we discovered 1800.0! *


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is that all?* Get me 4000 and then we shall talk!
How many hours did the PO put on her?* JohnP
Woody- have you got 4k on yours?

John, she had a hair under 1,750 when we bought her 1st week of August 2010 so we have only run her about 50 hours. However, she was on the hard for about 5-6 weeks getting her foredeck and aft bridge deck recored, then transporting up to TN River, and we've just been working on her in the slip all winter.
64.28 hours per year. You are going to up that average, and eventually will get past the breakin stage with that very young engine.
What's ironic to me is that I had pictures taken of my engine hours meter that I had full intention of posting here showing the hours at 2112!... That night a burglar stole my camera. DAMMIT!
550 hours over 4 years here. ONLY 110 hours a year and we absolutely use the *&^% out of our boat. I guess we don't go very far.....just often.

That picture brings up a memory. When we bought our last trawler(Prairie 29), it came with an hour meter(don't remember the make) that had 2 different dials on it with about 4 hands. I showed it to every surveyor I knew and none of them could figure it out. Anyway, I will dig around and see if I can find the picture. I will post on new thread if I do.
New Moon may not qualify as a Trawler, but she sure is a Cruiser.*
4300 hours so far, in 12 years, all done by us.
bought ours at 3000 hrs on one hour meter and a hole wher the other should have been. Put another 1500 on till those engines were removed, started fresh at 1500 on the new engines, closing on 3000 on those now, so 3000 in 16.5 years, and I don't think we use our boat near enough.
Hi Carl,

Glad you liked the pictures.* We always trailer to a launch site.* When she's not traveling, New Moon lives right here in Holladay Utah, in her boat house (garage).*

One of the closest cruising areas is Lake Powell, 300 miles away - a great place for a couple of weeks on the water, by the way.* It's about 900 to Bellingham, or 1900 to Prince Rupert, which is where we've launched the last 5 years.

And yes, she is a strong vessel, heavier and more solid than most 26-footers by a good bit, and powered by a Volvo KAD44P diesel.* Built "skookum" by a small outfit that made boats that were too good for what they charged for them, and so went out of business a few years ago.
Tried to get a look on YW , but it seems none are now for sale.

Dimensions , performance ?
Hi FF,

If you're asking about New Moon, she's 25'7" hull length, 8'6" wide, transom deadrise 19 degrees.* Weighs nearly 11,000 lbs on the water, loaded up for a summer on the Inside Passage.* Almost 12,000 lb on the trailer with relatively empty tanks, and almost 13' tall with the optional upper helm.

With a 260hp VP KAD44P diesel (duo-prop stern drive), maxes out at 26 knots loaded, cruises anywhere from 14-18 on plane, runs quietly and efficiently at 1400 RPM and 6.5 knots.* About 1.75 nmpg at 17-18 knots, about 4.5 nmpg at 6.5 knots.* 454 gas versions hit well over 30 knots, using a ton a fuel.

I considered a 27' Sea Sport Navigator, but they were much more expensive, and the Bounty's interior was a far superior design.

30-some of the 26-footers were built before Bounty Motor Yachts went out of business.* They also made a very fine 30-footer, typically equipped with twin diesels.

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