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Sep 24, 2015
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Beneteau Swift Trawler 34
Hi all

“New member” is probably a slight exaggeration since I actually joined the forum back in September 2015 but I just never got around to do a proper introduction.

My wife and I bought our first boat ever in july 2016. After having researched for years and looked at numerous boats we decided on a 2011 Beneteau Swift Trawler 34 we found in France. We simply fell in love with the whole “go slow and easy” idea of trawlers, the way the construction allows you get around on the boat safely, easy handling and much more. So far we just love it!

Hailing from Aarhus in Denmark we’ve so far been doing coastal cruises over weekends and a 3 week holiday cruise in the South Funen sea but with a bit more experience that may extend to the neighboring countries.

I would like to say “See you on the water” but that may be diffcult unless there are other danes out there? In the meantime it’s great to be able to meet and share on this forum.

Kind regards,

Welcome to the forum. Denmark is one place still on my to do list. I made a good friend of a young (then) Danish fellow doctor who came out to NZ and we worked together as residents in a provincial hospital. He told me a lot about the country and I long to see it. He fell in love with NZ as well. Sadly, I lost touch with him, moving around, and ending up here in Queensland, Australia.

One thing I do remember, because of the 'different' use of the word in English, and therefore a source of amusement, is his father was at the time, the mayor of a town called Middelfart. Apparently there were many moves to try to change the name, but they never succeeded, and I see it is still called that. I say good on them for not bowing to pressure to change. There is a lot of history attached that would be lost.

Thanks Peter and yes you’re right, Middelfart does translate into english much to the amusement of many english natives. Can”t really blame you ;-)

The south Funen sea, where we took the boat last year, is absolutely beautiful with loads of small islands with equally small marinas. If ever in the vincinity :)

Forget to mention that Middelfart is located on the island Funen
Kim welcome to the TF you have some great places for adventures
Welcome, nice to see another ST34 here, and from close as well. Mine is Harboured in Malmö, Sweden.
Welcome aboard. The Admiral and I spent our 25th wedding anniversary in Scandinavia. WONDERFUL area to boat.
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Yes. Welcome aboard.
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