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    Trawler forum Iphone issues

    Happy new year all Is anyone else having problems with using the Trawler forum app on iPhones? I keep getting an error message: "Sorry, something went wrong with the network.......... Ive rebooted, re-installed re logged in. Out of ideas. Thoughts? Joe
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    starlink Mexico

    30 days. Then the make you change your mailing address, along with all the things that go with you new address. Like price.
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    Nordic Tug discussion

    The big U is Alaska to to New York via Panama. If I remember correctly it can be done with like 4 or 5 24 days. All the rest of the time you can pull in somewhere for the night. Assuming you can get across some of those bars.
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    Huge Danforth

    Nope. Means it was low bid.
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    Maxwell Windlass Sale

    Try Toad
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    Starlink RV is now Starlink Roam

    FYI : I’m in the PNW. Just went from Sequim Wa to Seattle. Avg speed 7.5 knots. 55 miles. No issues with star link Joe
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    Stunning sunset in La Paz last night

    $24 per liter? For real?
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    Liked them a lot for 2 years. Put up with them for 2 more years. Long past warranty Joe
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    Just to add to the discussion: The reason I started this topic is because about 6 years ago I bought the eartec, used them for one trip and sent them back. Felt like I was always using one hand to keep them from falling over the side. Replaced them with SENAs. Thought they were awesome for...
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    Hello all. Has anyone used these headphones? Pros? Cons? Thanks Joe...
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    Best anchor for New England waters?

    Didn’t this forum already decide that the best anchor ever made is the Bruce?? Thought that was figured out 3975 posts ago
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    Info on Starlink RV

    For those interested: Starlink RV terms allows a user to be out of his home country for a period of 60 days. After that you either lose service or you must change your mailing address to the new country. We live in the pacific north west and go between the us and Canada all the time. Also...
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    Yes. Remove the antenna from the mount. Gently pull the cable strait down. Much smaller plug will come out.
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    FYI. Disconnect the cable from the antenna. That plug is much smaller and way easier to pass through smaller holes.
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    The RV package does not allow use while in motion as per the service agreement
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    Fuel tank rehab

    Are those engines from 1898 too? Nice!
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    Schucker 436 Motorsailer / Pilot House

    Geez, I took like a three minute break. But I’m back at work paying into social security for you. And happy to do it I might add
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    Schucker 436 Motorsailer / Pilot House

    John Wayne use to anchor in Sequim Bay and he owned many acres of land along the shore. He donated the land that the marina is built on.
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    New Bluewater Owner

    Welcome from the crew of Toadhall. A 1980 Bluewater 40. The only way to to make these great boats better is to hang the best anchor off the bow-A genuine Bruce on an all chain rode Joe
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    How does getting older compare to expectations?

    You know… I always expected I would get old. Just didn’t think it would happen so soon.
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    Finally made it to the boat!

    Yeah...... Life is good.
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    Any recommendations for rain gear in pacific north west?

    Best rain gear? Heated pilot house wins every time.
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    Incinolet toilet practicality

    I don’t think this sitting to to pee thing works. I mean, like who is going to raise the seat back to the up position where it belongs?? Surely we males can’t be expected to do this. Do the make spring loaded seats that just pop up?
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    Holding Tank Vent Filter

    Hi Peggy. I’m not getting something. You stated that the ideal vent hose should have a rise of no more than 45 degrees and not more than 5 feet long. Does this mean that I can’t have a short hose that goes straight up? Btw. Have your book, read all of your posts, really appreciate you...
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