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Originally Posted by wkearney99 View Post
You'd think, but a bit of time wasted this morning came up empty on anything that'd use both the cut-out hole size AND screw positioning. 4 screws, 5 screws, even 6 for some. Most seem to now want to use a larger center hole for the speaker too.

It's not that I'm unable to drill new mounting holes, I'd just prefer to avoid it if not necessary.

Originally Posted by wkearney99 View Post
Yeah, searched through there and a bunch of other places online. Though I haven't tracked down a full range of which Clarion speakers use the same mounting hole/pattern. With that I could at least trawl through craigslist, ebay, overstock and the like to find some NOS units. The ones in there now are CMQ1620R.

Interesting nomenclature coincidence, maybe. The original ones we had in the boat were Sony XS-MP61, replaced with XS-MP1620, eventually replaced with XS-MP1621. 4-hole pattern.

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