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Originally Posted by Larry M View Post
If you post pictures that look normal on your phone or tablet, but after upload here seem to post upside down or sideways, the issue is likely that the images were taken on a mobile device that auto rotates content to always appear right side up.

Some options:

1. Always take the picture in portrait orientation or:

2. After taking picture hold your device upright and then edit the picture, resaving it with a new name.

The forum software can't discern what the intended orientation was so it defaults to the actual orientation of the image (regardless of how your device auto rotated it to appear correctly in your local view)
I don't know how to fix photos that come up oriented incorrectly, but I did take a photography lesson recently, from a guy who knew how to make them come out correctly the first time, on iPhones.
Those have the camera in a corner of the back of the phone, and must have that corner as an "upper" corner. If a photo is taken with the camera in a lower corner the orientation will be wrong. To make this work in portrait, it is a normal orientation. In Landscape, tilt to the left.
I hope this helps, even a little.
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