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Originally Posted by backinblue View Post
Nothing against any of the advice. I'm sure that it's true in many respects and meant with the best intentions. However, Angel clearly stated at the beginning that they are buying a boat primarily for pleasure and if they can make a little side money from chartering (which they have some experience in), that would be a bonus. They never said they plan to make a full-time living from chartering and pay for the boat and all expenses. There's a big difference between running a profitable charter business, and doing a few occasional charters to offset some portion of their boating expenses. A little positive advice and encouragement couldn't hurt for some first-time owners! I know that brutal honesty is meant well, but don't lose track of what they are really looking to do.
Oh my gosh thank you lol. I thought nobody paid attention to that part of it. Everyone kept mentioning about making money. If you disagree that it’s possible to make enough money to offset all or some of the costs, then I’m listening. I mainly want to be able to afford having a nice boat and keep it in the water. If at the end of the year my business lost $3000 I’m still happy.
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