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Tony F
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New from Monterey California

I've been using all the sage knowledge from this site for the last several months so I finally decided to become an honest man and register. I have a sailboat in Santa Cruz and recently bought a 1986 Marine Trader Sundeck 36 in Monterey (this is the first trawler I have owned). My wife and I sailed from Santa Cruz to Monterey on our sailboat with no intention of buying anything other than dinner. We decided to walk around the docks and 24 hours later, we owned a trawler (pending the survey of course). We loved the "funky" old trawler that had been a live aboard boat for 5 years. It was a home and well taken care of but some things need work and we have started the process of repairing/restoring but also enjoying which usually involved new cocktails that we have invented on the boat to go along with its view of the harbor and neighboring mountains.

Replacing the Toilets and Sanitation Hoses: I'm standardizing on Saniflex and have installed one toilet so far. I've had to deal with with some nightmarish routing scenarios but I came up with a really good way of running new hose by attaching it securely to the old hose not using traditional hose clamps (there is not room for those in the openings). I've seen no discussion of my attachment method on this forum so I'll contribute that info to one of the sanitation hose discussions. I'm converting the main toilet to a pressurized fresh water system using the Raritan Elegance. That's my next step.

Water Damaged Teak Walls: The PO put house-grade paneling over the stained teak. I really don't like the way it looks and it is already showing signs of failure. I want to take it off but then what? I'll wind up with water stained teak with adhesive over it and nail holes. I've heard that the teak veneer cannot be restored (confirmation of that fact would be welcome). I've been on a search to find a solution where the replacement wood tone roughly matches and then either replace the plywood veneer entirely on the 3 walls that are affected or look at a pre-adhesive backer solution. Painting, wallpapering, and those types of solutions aren't the way we want to go. We want to get back the teak look. So far, I have gotten lots of samples they are nowhere near the same color family (they tend to be greenish where mine is golden reddish color). I know I'll never match it exactly but what I've gotten so far would look worse than the paneling that is there now. My search continues...

Lehman Engine Maintenance: I've never dealt with type of engine. I'd rather find a pro to come do it but it is harder than it should be in this area. Toying with doing some stuff myself. I'm most intimidated by the idea of doing a valve adjustment. The valve cover is leaking and the PO did not do an adjustment during his time so this feels like the time to do it. I want to replace all the filters, fluids, etc.

Lots of other things but these are the main issue on my mind at the moment. Sorry that this is so long but you guys asked. Happy to be aboard, already ordered my Trawler Forum burgee, and I look forward to contributing to this community.
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