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Originally Posted by Seevee View Post
... I'm not a big fan of computer control that could cause catastrophic accidents when they fail. Look at Sully's issue, the Boeing Max, this incident, etc. ...
These incidents are not related.

Sully's incident was the result of mechanical damage to the engines. No amount of electrical or mechanical controls would have changed the situation.

The MAX issue was poor system design. There was a design solution to the issue, just very few people knew about it. But that was because of business reasons.

The boat issue was also a design issue. The controls lost power and the engines could not be controlled. There either should have been a independent backup power supply for the electronic controls or mechanical overrides to shut down the engines (like the fire handles on an airplane). Or maybe a heartbeat signal from the controller to the high pressure fuel pump or the injectors. Heartbeat stops, fuel stops.
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