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Originally Posted by PeterB40 View Post
I've thought of doing this also, as you have to remove the stbd side sound insulation panel to see the reservoir.. I'm thinking of leaving this off for the big cruise down to southern CA - about a 900mi round trip - for quicker access to bilge through-hulls and engine in general. Have you seen much of a noise difference motoring without it, if you've done that?

YES. You really don't want to travel 900 miles on diesel with that panel off. The noise difference is significant. It may also affect the engine ventilation (probably in a good way, actually...but it's something I would want to experiment with before embarking on a long trip). Further, leaving the panel off would lessen the effect of the fire extinguisher...and expose much of your bilge and other equipment to the corrosive powder, should the unthinkable happen.

Edit: And by "significant" I meant the difference between talking in a normal voice to a passenger in the salon while underway vs. shouting at that passenger...
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