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I could argue that electronic controls leave a few things to be desired... one is accidents. Electric vehicles has a higher rate of crashes. (Kelly Richmond, Future insights)

I'm not a big fan of computer control that could cause catastrophic accidents when they fail. Look at Sully's issue, the Boeing Max, this incident, etc.

In "my" world my electronics have failed significantly more that their old mechanical counterparts and are MUCH more expensive to fix. (mostly aircraft, fortunately)

My boat is pretty much mechanical, except for the Glendinning throttle/shift control, which is really a great unit. I "can" operate it manually if it quits, but would require two people to do that.

Good old mechanical is hard to beat. And a good electronic device for information gathering (MFD) works great with that, as it can't cause the engine or thrusters to quit or malfunction.
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