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Originally Posted by Art View Post
Hi Pilou - Nice photos!

Gotta admit - I'm not clear what's up re steps [I think they're steps] atop bureau and under 1/2 high door?? Guess its hinged fold down steps. Would leave a big step from bureau top to out-the-door.

I love the rotary phone! We keep one for fun with grand kids. How to use is complete flumex to our teen grands... Fun to watch and listen to their guesses of use while trying to figure it out.
Hello my friend !
Yes you are right, it’s steps, and a small built-in desk on the left (not well seen on the pic) custom-made at American Marine Shipyard Singapore for a Telex machine system. I was sure that someone would notice the rotary phone

Global Diver, my apologies for disturbing!
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