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Originally Posted by AdmiralS View Post
We use the Torqueedo Travel 1103 CL. It pushes the boat along great with people and equipment.

I love the Pudgy, my wife on the other hand HATES it. It is a little topsy-turvey getting in and out of it, but its stable as a rock once you are in it. If I had to do it over again, probably would get something a little larger and more stable.
On the subject of dingy’s we or should I say “I” purchased a Gig Harbor 10’ Navigator and my wife didn’t care for getting in and out of it. Once in she was ok and enjoyed the quiet Torqeedo over the Yamaha OB. If I had to do it over I would go back to a RIB like our Caribe for its stability but it takes up more Rome up top. With boating everything is a trade off. One thing I did learn over a life time of boating is to try as many different things as possible. Learn form your experience and have fun doing it.

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