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FNG from VB

Greetings. Jeff from Virginia Beach.

A lifelong boater, but the biggest thing I've owned is my current 30-foot center console fishing boat. I'm fairly handy with tools and done all my own maintenance forever.

I am 61 and recently retired from an airline-pilot job. My wife is from Vancouver Island, just off the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. It is my understanding that there are tens of thousands of miles of shoreline to explore between the southern and northern tip of the island. All of them beautiful. Typically the summers there are often flat calm, so a big sailboat is probably a no-go. Plus, she's not much of a sailor and I'm lazy.

So, I am thinking about buying a boat and living on it during their summer months. I figured I'd start reading well in advance and try and learn as much as possible about the boats and the lifestyle.

I love the look of the Selene's, the Flemings, Marine Traders, and the Europa line of Grand Banks. The reality is that I know just about zero about the boats at this point. I've just been watching YouTube vids about boats for sale and a few guys who live on theirs.

I am constantly looking online and am sure there are dozens more to consider. Right now I am looking at a single screw just from a cost and maintenance standpoint. We're not in any hurry and will be buying a used boat. Hopefully, one in Canada so I can use my US bucks and gain some boat with the exchange. I want a glass hull or aluminum.

I've got a US Coast Guard Masters license, 25T but I've never used it.

That's it. Off I go to start reading. Any suggestions, reading material, etc and I am all ears.

Many thanks.
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