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Originally Posted by Hippocampus View Post
What are your cruising plans? Be fun to see you out there

Well, it has changed quite a bit. Our plan from the start was to commission and take delivery in Florida, breakdown for a year along the eastern seaboard between Canada and the Bahamas, then head over to Europe.

But our assumption about boarder closings over the next year is that you can't assume, and we don't want to be confined to the Eastern US. We prefer more wilderness cruising.

Thankfully I structured our contract to allow commissioning at any of Nordhavn's locations, so we switched to Seattle. Here, even with the Canadian boarder closed to recreational traffic, we can pop up to Alaska and have all the wilderness our hearts desire. So we will be in the PNW until boarders reliably re-open around the world. At that point, we will come up with a new plan. Northern Europe is still high on the list, and we are kicking around the idea of doing the Northwest passage to get there. But that's a long shot for many reasons.
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