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Originally Posted by firehoser75 View Post
Hi Greg,
Welcome to the Forum!
A lot of us are former "rag hangers". I used to own a Bavaria 36 and have since moved (up) to a Nordic Tug 37. It may seem unnecessary, but taking some time to ensure you get it "right" for your next boat is worthwhile IMHO.

Figure out how you will likely use the boat. For example, lots of guests (regularly), kids, or hardly any guests. Long extended trips, or shorter (week long or less) trips. Mostly anchoring or marinas. Etc.
From there, what features are must have, what are nice to have, and what are DO NOT WANT. Personal preference really comes into this. For example, for us we did not want screwed down teak decks, exterior wood work, and twin engines. The twins was because in the size range we looked at, the ER was very cramped with twins, difficult to work on engines, double the cost and maintenance.
Once you have those lists compare with your significant other and compromise, and it will become apparent what boat(s) best fit your desires.
It is very unlikely that you will find any boat that is perfect for you, so be prepared to compromise on some things.
Enjoy the process!
Tom - that looks a heck of a lot like the list I put in the WTB section this morning! Have a look.
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