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Intro - prospective owner, prospective looper.

Hi folks, I'm Rick. I've been boating since before I was born, though usually summers only on the freshest waters of Georgian Bay. But that experience planted the seed that is beginning to grow; so I'm here to gather (and share) information from the perspective of someone considering looping with and living aboard a moderate-sized motor vessel from retirement until I can't stands it no more. (Sorry; Popeye was perhaps too big of an influence on my Saturday morning boyhood.)

Boating experience until now is limited to small boats--some sail, but mostly outboard and stern drives in the 14-16 ft / 4-5 m range. Have started looking at boats 38-42 ft. capable of being single-handed on most of the loop or brief passages, but with enough space to be comfortable for a couple and bearable for two couples and a kiddie or two for short stretches.

I'm also a fan of low-impact (noise, emissions, etc.) boating, so I'm interested in hybrid and other alternative propulsion systems and related technologies.

I'll strive to ask good questions (AFTER reading first!) and try to limit my answers to useful contributions. But I can't promise to refrain from an occasional wisecrack if I think I can get a clean laugh. That's a contribution, too.

Happy to be here.
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