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Originally Posted by marco View Post
I own this trawler since 2005 I bought her in Cannes France. I live near Florence and I cruise Mediterranean sea between Corse, Sardinia and Tuscany coast.In Italy this kind of boats are rare I did not find anyone to talk abaut. My boat named Nike is powered by two Ford Faryman 135hp I cruise at 1900rph and my speed is 7,6 knots at GPS,at 2600rph I reach the maximum speed of 10 knot.Becouse I heard similar boats reach 12 knot I'd know if someone of you own same boat same power has the same results. Perhaps I have propeller too light.Waiting for news,by evryone.
May I add our welcome to the Forum. We are in Sydney Australia where many IGs were sold; our IG36, hull no.39, has twin 120hp Ford Lehman engines. I believe she will do 12 knots,but have not tried it, though we have seen 23kph( our GPS is set metric) with swells passing under us from behind,an exciting ride!. Our props are 24 inch Michigans,17 inch pitch,according to the Owners Manual. Later IG36s sold here had 135hp Lehmans, a much later one, built around 1989, had 200hp Volvos,and trim tabs. Ours appears to have a hull modification at the stern extending in about 600mm from the transom,to deflect the stern up,and bow down, a sort of fixed trim tab I guess.
Our flybridge steering station is forward,I`ve not seen one set aft on a Halvorsen,including a 50ft. timber Kong and Halvorsen I`ve seen.
I am aware of Kong and Halvorsen IG36s in the US,but not in Europe. It would be interesting to know how it reached Cannes where you bought it. BruceK
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