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Originally Posted by Capt Q View Post
They are pertty worn out, do you know of a plating shop in Anchorage?
If your boat is a Marshall Californian, then the railing hardware should be chromed brass. The correct size is very difficult to find, even used and yours are worth rechromed. The wear point is usually a metal dowel pin in the gate joint, which can be driven out and replaced. If you can't find a shop in Anchorage, I had mine done some years ago by a company in Vancouver BC called Pacific Plating.

They also did the rechroming on my collector cars and their work is show grade. I don't know if they are still in business, maybe some of our BC members know. They did some of the best triple plate custom chrome work and it doesn't peel off after a couple of years. The EPA requirements here in the States have caused the plating companies to abandon the old methods and switch to short cuts and alternatives which IMHO results in an inferior product.

Larry B
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