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Welcome aboard. You may have better success by making up a new thread about each topic. There are quite a few questions in your post. To answer one of them about the lithium batteries. I am going to switch to lithium batteries for my house bank this winter when I have my starboard engine out. The Battle Born batteries look very nice to me. I can replace the 4 6 volt GC batteries that are in there now with 2 100 amp Battle Born batteries and get about the same usable amp hours. They batteries are about 32 pounds each so I will loose about 200 pounds in batteries that are causing a list to starboard now. The lithium batteries charge much fasterand they have a 10 warranty with 8 years being full replacement and the last 2 years prorated. But they say the realistic life is between 12 and 15 years. I will have to add another battery charger for the flooded start batteries. But I will save a bundle since I was planning to replace the aft A/C so I could get rid of the compressor that is in the engine room so I could get some real estate back.
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