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Good Afternoon. I wanted to update you all, I ended up buying a 37' Newburyport Trawler. Its a Monk design and it was built by Hershine. The Hull ID begins with MNK so I am more inclined to describe it to others as a Monk 36 as they are nearly identical with similar layouts. Presently there is a new listing on Yachtworld for a 42' Monk that is close in age to mine (mine is at 1987). It looks almost identical to mine except for it has a galley down and of course is 42'.

My question is last night while filling the water tank, I opened the inspection hatch in the aft stateroom to check for leaks at the deck fill. I noticed that on top of the hull was a bed of sand-like substance. It appeared to have been laid in and around the seems of the cabin sole and walls. Does anyone know if this is common in these types of trawelers and if so, what was this used for? Stability, insulation or what?

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