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RE: Cost of diesel...

I am sort of glad the price of fuel has risen to a level so other source of fuel/energy is becoming economical possible.* *The increase will effect our live style and cruising very little as we have take steps to reduce the fuel/energy consumption. We moved to Everett marina, 3 miles from the plant, because of the fuel prices and availability.* So what we save on road fuel has more than off set the cost of fuel.

Being the Eagle is a fuel efficient long range boat the value and marketability increase with the cost of fuel.* It use to be when talking boat it was miles per gallon.* Now its gallons per mile.**Our biggest cost of fuel/energy is for heat, so we will make some additional energy improvements, drop the heat temp down and use AC electric heat more as primary and the diesel as secondary.*

There was a survey in the*a Seattle*paper, the increase of fuel has chnaged 92% of the dirvers.**
Anyway, its going to be a wake up call for most of us, but change is good. I hate to give up my 3/4 ton deisel pick up, but it gets better MPG than most vehecle, 16 city and 19 highway, but it's a stick and I coast a lot.***
So what changes have you done or plan to take in your live?*
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