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Originally Posted by Portage_Bay View Post
Very good link, thank you. I've also found this test
take boattest data with a grain of salt

consider how much load will be on the boat: people, water, fuel, gear, etc

consider conditions arent always ideal: wind, currents, etc

i typically see boattest isn't done in a real-world situation.

we have several thousand pounds of gear on our ST44 from spare parts, to tools, galley equipment, living supplies, clothing, etc. but on the flip side, we dont have any guests aboard given the pandemic so the weight for guests is just us two and a dog.

we definitely feel and see the difference when we are going on a long trip and have full fuel tanks, gear, food, water, ice, etc. we typically start those trips at a lower RPM/slower speed and on the return back we gain a few mph (currents/winds considered).
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