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Thanks for your wariness Psneeld.

The Surveyor comes from a long maritime family here in the PNW, well known, well respected. He's done surveys for two people I know as well and several on this forum. Hence I picked him from the recommendations here and private messages.

The "major" is what I asked that needed to be repaired. I feel he put it in layman's term for me. It will be labeled on the survey how every SAMs surveyor labels items like these.

Exhaust hose was minor like you said, cracked leaking water. But he worries about the exhaust fumes. Is a working bilge pump important, maybe not.

These were the only concerns we discussed as the overall condition of the boat is "above average". With the blisters it's below average.

He wasn't worried about any of the fixes, but they should be fixed wouldn't you agree?

Thanks again for your input.
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