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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
Sometimes "irreconcilable differences" work out WAY better for one and/or both.
Wifey B: They can, especially if they involve values or things very important. Unfortunately it doesn't happen often in a friendly way and that's sad. I wish people could just agree they weren't best together but still love each other.

My fave story of this is someone most wouldn't think of as a wild, crazy man and his wife. Warren Buffett and Susan. Her dream was Hollywood and Music and more and his remained in Omaha. He bought her a great Malibu home. She left in love but before she left, she introduced Astrid as she didn't want to leave him alone. Astrid moved in. Their Christmas cards were signed as from the three of them. There was this beautiful love between the three of them. He never was going to divorce Susan and she came home as she became ill. He and Astrid took care of her and only a couple of years after that did he marry Astrid.

It was simple. I love you and I love you but to pursue my dreams I must be on the West Coast and my life is here in Nebraska. You hear the phrase normally in talking about kids but "loving them enough to let go" or "love enough to set free." They did and I find it one of the most beautiful love stories ever.

Hubby and I didn't use the words "Till Death Do Us Part" in our wedding but instead "As Long as it works for both of us." We intend and believe it will be forever, but we want it only if it truly is working for both of us. We can't imagine otherwise but we just didn't feel we could pledge until death regardless of anything that might happen.

I hate the thought of people divorcing, but I hate the thought of people staying together unhappily even more. Older people would often cite the rise in divorce rates but a lot of that was in earlier periods people stayed together even if miserable. I had a friend in NC who told her parents she and her husband were divorcing. Her mother said to her "But that's just feelings" and told her they could change. Basically it was that feelings weren't important, jobs and finances and other things were and she liked her daughter's husband. Now, clearly she didn't see as others did him degrading her, criticizing her, making fun of her and overall being mean to her every chance he had even in front of friends, but feelings are what it's all about.
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