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Originally Posted by ranger42c View Post
It's not a matter of equality (or not) in terminology; instead it's a matter of mission. Admirals are in charge for one thing, Captains for another.

Wifey likes to pick areas with wildlife viewing in mind; she can spot a turtle on a branch at 200 yards... whereas I wouldn't see that kind of wildlife it if bit me in the a$$. Wifey can drive the boat (dock, etc.), but doesn't really enjoy it. It's a pretty good partnership.

Wifey B: And the real issue isn't terminology between two consenting adults, but what it means to those involved. My original post was a concern the OP wasn't hearing his wife who had over the years repeatedly said "no."

Only thing I'd remind about Admiral is don't use it to refer to someone that you don't know likes the term.
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