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Hi, I'm new here

Hello everyone,

I'm Ross Ikle, a landlubber stuck in Denver, CO who is VERY ready to shed my land life and become a full-time liveaboard. I'm so happy to have found this forum.

I'm a single 56 year old guy who can work my Health/Life/Medicare/Supplemental brokerage from anywhere (in fact, I might start taking on additional states in the process). All I really need is a fairly solid internet connection in order to do ZOOM meetings with clients, rather than the old face-to-face model.

I have absolutely fallen in love with the Beneteau Swift Trawler 30, but have never stepped foot on one, so don't totally know for sure this is the boat I'll buy, but it sure is the front runner. So here's a question: given my intention to live at anchor full time (when I'm not cruising), is this a good first boat to buy? It's layout really works great for my needs, as I live in a small 650 SF apartment and spend 100% of my time either in my teeny home office cutout, in the kitchen, or in front of the TV, so smaller spaces work great for me.

I just don't know if I'm biting off too much from the jump. I can tell you that the overall monthly costs associated with moving to the water, from all the budgeting I've been researching, this move will actually save me quite a bit of money each month, though coming up with the downpayment might take me awhile.

There sure seems to be NO shortage of people doing this very move currently, and I'm extremely interested and excited about becoming a true boater. I know I can buy a boat for practically nothing out there these days, but haven't found any model that I like as much as the ST30. Of course, I can't buy one of these for practically nothing, so am really looking to you Sea Salts with tons of experience to throw out a couple of suggestions or ideas I might not have thought of.

Thanks for having me in the forum...I look forward to being here A LOT!
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