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The control unit on Eutetic plates is very different from a std reefer.
On a house style system a thermostat simply cuts off the power when some preset temperature is reached.

A simple thermostat does not work with cold plates as the solution in the plate must be totally frozen for the best holdover.

The control for a eutetic plate senses the vacuum on the plate tubing which is a different method of sensing temperature .

This is required as the plate freezes more slowly as the plate is frozen, since the frozen solution passes the heat to the refrigerant thru the already frozen solution. Ice is an insulator when freezing.

This system of using the level of vacuum is very common on commercial refrigeration.

I suggest you find the folks that repair butcher display cases or freezer boxes for your local market.

He should have little problem finding a slow leak, and replacing or simply adjusting the control box.
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