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Originally Posted by koliver View Post
Marin: your nav light should be ahead of or below the antenna. One or the other should move.
Well, then just about every GB in our marina plus a bazillion other boats are not in compliance. As Psneeld said, the nav light thing is not enforced or even paid attention to by the USCG, CCG, or anyone else. So if they don't care, we don't care.

Anyway, when our nav lights are on the entire lens glows equally green, not just where the filament is. The antenna is not as wide as the lens. Therefore, even with the antenna between the light and a viewer, part of the green lens will still be visible to them. So far as I know there is nothing that says how big the nav lights need to be, just how far they need to be visible from.

Either way it's a total non-issue. So after I type the period and smiley face at the end of this sentence, it's something that will be gone forever off the hard drive of my brain.
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